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SWT, Buzzer standard setter

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According to the quality and technical supervision bureau’s official letter of Guangdong province,[ 2010], No. 172 “2010 year about approved 155 local standards formulation and revision (the first batch) projects notice, ", and 【2010】, No. 299 "2010 year about the approved 123 local standards revision project (second batch) notice", Dongguan Sweet Sound Electronics limited company undertake the task of drafting  " Piezoelectric Sounds and Piezoelectric Beeps " and "  Electromagnetic Sounds   and Electromagnetic Beeps" Guangdong Province, local standard, and successful completed.
Sweet Sound starts to produce the buzzer since 1991, through more than 20 years technology precipitation, Sweet Sound have already accumulated rich experience. After accepted provincial bureau drafted and establish buzzer standard task , we set up the drafting group at the beginning of 2010, employ the relevant experts, on the basic of widely and targeted research, the draft sent to hundreds of relevant enterprises to collect suggestions. and already got feedback, By experts discussed and reviewed repeatedly, which lasted nearly two years to complete the standard drafting of  "piezoelectric sounder and piezoelectric buzzer" and "electromagnetic sound and electromagnetic buzzer" , and in June 1st , 2012 ,Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision approved and published the documents.
Dongguan SWT Electronics Co.,Ltd             Dongguan SWT Electronics Co.,Ltd
Dongguan SWT Electronics Co.,Ltd                                           Dongguan SWT Electronics Co.,Ltd
Buzzer including two parts, one part piezoelectric sounds& piezoelectric beeps, the second electromagnetic sound and electromagnetic beeps , there are varieties of the  specifications and it’s really complex if select correctly. The emergence of the standards marked we have rules to follow on manufacturer and using of the buzzer.. Not only provided a gist for home appliances, digital and medical product manufacturer on selection and design, avoid waste for special specifications and requirements, but also provide reference on the quality dispute. .Thus,  the standard get the good reputation after publish, And also we feel deeply gratified.

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