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Application of piezoelectric ceramics in flow sensor

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     The design of flow meter is according to the sensor probe inserted into the pipe and just touching the fluid. Fluid shear stress on the top of sensor probe is in direct proportion to the volume of fluid flow.


     As shown in Fig.1, Fig.2 is detector probe’s magnification of Fig.1 In these two figures,1-the part of pipe section, 2-the metal shell of pipe section, 3-the pipe bushing, 4-the adjusting screw of position, 5-the T type pipe section ( i.e. Hole cavity),6-the flange plate;7-the bushing of hole cavity;8-the probe,9-the top of probe, 10-the probe body,11-the baseboard,12-the pads, 13-the GND wire, 14-the signal wire, 15-the piezoelectric ceramic sensor,16-the center line of coaxial cable, 17-The GND shielding wire of coaxial cable, 18-the insulator, 19-the signal amplifier, 20 and 21-the flange plate, 22-the remote indication circuit, 23- the power supply circuit.


                                                                        Fig.1                                                                                                                Fig.2

      Screw the T type pipe section down on the flange plate with detected fluid pipe connection and measure the fluid speed with a flow meter probe inserted in T type tube.


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