Environmental Protection

Environmental protection

We always believe that environmental protection is of prior importance for a manufacturing enterprise. It is necessary to make use of the existing technology to continuously reduce the environmental impact from harmful substances and take corresponding management and controlling.

Not only to compliance with environmental laws on operating activities and environmental regulations, we should also take the initiative to perform the environmental protection activities, Based on the entire company and every single staff, the pursuit of continuous improvement on environment shall always be unremitting.


We follow standard conduct of environmental protection:

1) Keep well implementation of the ISO14001 environment system
2) keep following the EU's ROHS Act and strictly abiding by the relevant commitments of ROHS. We already established a ROHS detection system and relevant system in company to prevent environmental pollution from harmful chemical substances.
3) Participation in environmental protection activities
4) Each staff make their own efforts to improve our environment. 

If the staff have any questions in relation to the ethics standards of the Company, please ask supervisors or managers for a clear answer.

It is the responsibility of every employee to protect the tangible and intangible assets of the Company.

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