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  • [Industry Dynamics] Piezoelectricity Technology
    Piezoelectricity is a property of certain classes of crystalline materials. This piezoelectric phenomenon is similar to electrostriction, which is a property of all dielectrics. They have different mechanisms when subjected to an electric field. Usually the electrostrictive effect is very small and the direction of this small change in geometry does not change if the direction of electrical field is reversed. In contrast to this situation, piezoelectric materials exhibit a reversal in the direction of geometrical change when the direction of the electrical field is reversed.
  • [Industry Dynamics] Difference between active and passive buzzer
    The buzzer can be divided into two type:passive buzzer and active buzzer,Active buzzer with oscillation circuit built in, The passive buzzer working should with a driven current.
  • [Industry Dynamics] Piezo Ultrasonic Sensor Applications
    Piezoelectric sensors convert a physical, acceleration, pressure, or other input to an electrical signal that serves as an input to a data processing system. This sensor signal often results in a response from the system.
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