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SWT provides not only piezoelectric and acoustic components but also various professional solutions based on clients’ requirements. SWT is able to meet what you have in mind and can discuss the issues that you never thought of.  Your satisfaction is our continuous pursuit, your success is our success also. 
Our company have 70 engineering technical personel and R&D personnel Through years of development, our company boasts a technical team with deep theory foundation and rich practical experience, takes professor level senior engineer and doctor as a core R&D team consisting of various professionals such as senior engineers, engineers, technicians and technical workers, specializes in the field of acoustics, nano-powder, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, electronic ceramics and electronic drive circuit, and forms an efficient scientific and technological talent team with unique characteristics.

Our company establishes an industry-university-research cooperation base with Guangdong University of Technology, Sichuan Normal University and Electronic Information Industry Research Institution, a practice base of two universities.
R&D Team
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